Arrows to move in the overworld.

Arrows to aim your brain in thought battles

Shift to change your ammo in thought battles

Space to fire your thoughts in thought battles

The Necromachine has been raising evildoers to rule over cyberspace.

But the Necromachine made one mistake. It resurected YOU!

Rally the cyberghosts against the Necromachine and defeat it using the power of positive vibes.

Native builds are strongly recommended over WASM, for musical integrity, and full shader goodness. WASM build not guaranteed to stop the evil Necromachine, and return us to the world we once knew.


HumanoExMachinaLinuxBuild.x86_64 55 MB
Download 31 MB
demo.mkv 32 MB


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well, i don't know what i did but i think i finished it. the sound effects and voicing was very cool. took a while to understand the thought battles, but i figured it out.